Retraining the Body for the Non-Smoking Life

Cigarette smoking does a lot for the user and it is often this issue that keeps those who use Nicotine from being able to "just quit". To understand how the use of Nicotine has affected and retrained the body gives users an option of adapting more helpful agents and activities to address the stress that is felt when abstaining from Nicotine.

To this end, I highly suggest joining the Quitnet, where your personal idiosyncracies can be found and the support you need to get through, easily accessed.  The Q has been around since the late 90's and helped hundreds of thousands to recover from Nicotine dependency.  Though it is not a 12 step program, many people in other kidns of recovery have embraced the Q and share their experience strength and hope.  Emotional support and practical ideas along with a slew of "clubs" and smobriety calculators abound at the Q and I can't think of a more supportive, effective social support system anywhere around.

Here are some supplements that you might like to look into to address some of the annoying physical and mental challenges which often arise during a quit:

Tyrosine 500 mg, An essential amino acid which helps with the production of Dopamine the body`s feel good chemical.  A smoker's body is trained to produce Dopamine when a cigarette is smoked.  Ever feel better just by deciding to smoke?  The decision to smoke is rewarded with a dopamine buzz.  Dopamine is partly what a smoker is after.  That`s also why so many eat more when quit...eating causes the release of Dopamine too. 

Choline 500 mg  A B-vitamin often listed as an amino acid).  There are receptors in the brain that are called acetylcholine receptors.  They must be filled for the ability to think clearly and focus.  Two things can fill these receptors, Choline and nicotine.  Smoking trains the body to use the nicotine as a stimuli in this area of our brain.  Supplemental Choline can help smokers keep from turning into air heads and/or feeling confused. 

Holy Basil Not to be confused with Sweet basil, this is an Ayurvedic plant also found in Thai food.. An `adaptogen`, this herb addresses the body`s stress response by balancing the chemical that causes the sensations of `fight or flight` called Cortisol.  For many who suffer from roller-coaster emotional conditions, the limbic system may not produce Cortisol properly allowing for too much to be in the bloodstream.  This is called Cortisol non-suppression by the experts.  Holy Basil is said to  balance the levels of Cortisol and lessen those often irrational and uncomfortable reactions to the stressors of everyday life (a claim not approved by the FDA, but my own life agrees).  Look for a good/guaranteed level of Ursolic acid.
To augment the quit: Users have tried 500 mg each of the Tyrosine and Choline 3x/day (around 6am, 12 pm, and 6 or 7 pm).  Holy Basil users sometimes increase from the recommended dosage of 1x in the morning additional servings at the same times as the Choline and Tyrosine. 

Calcium, 300mg, 3x/day is very calming too.

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