Leave the Lights On - Decorative Indoor Solar Lighting

It's nice to come home to a house that is warmly lit, but not very green to leave lights burning all day while you're gone.  One day, I picked up a set of outdoor solar lights for $10, and found they also worked well inside.  

Just placing the lights in a sunny window lets them charge all day.

Lay them randomly on the windowsill and get cool geometric patterns on the walls at night.  

Coil a 14 gauge wire around them and hang them from the valance to get a string of lights in the window. 

This could be a nice way to create a starry night-light, without using plugs, in a bath or child's room.

It's a cost-effective way to add interest to a dark room, and save a little sunshine for when you get home.  

Pic ;)

Antique Chifforobe Project Makes 24 Feet of Flat Storage and Rollout Desk!

I had this old Chifferobe for years. They were used when houses didn't have a lot if closet space built in. Wikipedia reports Sears and Robuck introduced their first design in 1908.  Based on the uneven pins and dovetails on the drawers, I estimate this puppy is about that old.