Antique Chifforobe Project Makes 24 Feet of Flat Storage and Rollout Desk!

I had this old Chifferobe for years. They were used when houses didn't have a lot if closet space built in. Wikipedia reports Sears and Robuck introduced their first design in 1908.  Based on the uneven pins and dovetails on the drawers, I estimate this puppy is about that old.  

Since I didn't need anymore closet space, but as an artist, I desired tons more of flat storage, I decided to turn this Chifferobe into a work center at home. By adding roll-out 2x2 shelves, this InventLive project created 24 square feet of flat storage in a 4 square foot area.

Sliders from the Hardware store let each shelf extend out of the Chifferobe.

I have all my office supplies in the drawers and the shelves hold my active files, laptop, optional large-screen, cutting board and more. 

What's best is I can use only the combination of shelves I want and the shelves for computing puts everything in ergonomic relationship to the rest. And I love my door decor which keeps me smiling. 

Then, when I'm done I just close it up and go. Built it all myself for about $50. Hope you like!

InventLively yours,

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