How Food Changed My World

Last year it looked like I needed to go shopping for a size up in jeans.  Instead, I decided to drop my body down a size and set about the zig-zag diet that had helped me lose 20 pounds a few years ago.

After a few pounds I stopped losing.  The old scale didn't change no matter what I did.  I was eating chicken and pork.  Rarely did I touch red meat, and I was pretty much off candy and snacks like ice cream.  I still had a love for chips and crackers and cheese, but I felt I should have been losing better.

One night, tired of being so good, I devoured a steak and a ton of Broccoli for dinner.  The next day I sheepishly crawled to the scale only to find that I had dropped more than 2 pounds since the previous morning.  What the heck?!

Something deep in the recesses of my mind screamed Blood Type  Diet, and sure enough the book was on my shelf.  It took just a few moments to see that I had been eating all wrong for my type, and the things I had been eating were, quite possibly contributing to more than just a few problems like joint pain, fatigue, digestive upset.  So I decided to follow the diet, cuttng refined carbs, most grains, chicken and pork were out as well while I started working with grass-fed lean beef and turkey in the kitchen as well as lots more veggies and fruit.

After a few weeks I decided to try my luck at eating gluten-free at a fast food restaurant and basically got slammed.  I had been careful.  I ordered baked not battered fish, rice, green beans, allowing garlic butter sauce as the only extravagance.  About three hours later I felt exhausted, as if I had moved everything in my house. Then my belly became not so happy, and that lasted for about 36 hours. I looked the meal up online and found it included gluten - I guess in the butter sauce.  By the end of the weekend I became more committed than ever to the dietary changes.

For awhile, I thought it was just "gluten" but it seems after having taken a break, I don't do well with most processed carbs (flours).  I probably was just accustomed to the way I felt.  When I refrain from, or minimize refined carbs, I feel much better.

So my world was changed by food at the ripe old age of...nevermind.  Now I am in the process of changing my approach to food prep, and I'm excited about sharing my recipes and what I learn along the way.

Be Inventlive!