Gluten-Free No-Dough Pizza

I've tried several flour substitutes to get pizza on a gluten-free diet. Most gluten-free pizza crust recipes and restaurants use rice flour which I describe as "sharp" compared to the "soft" qualities in wheat flour.  Hot out of the oven, rice flour crust ain't that bad.  But as it cools, it gets kinda' tough.  
Years ago I learned to fry Provolone cheese when I was eating vegetarian. It cooks up as a great Bacon substitute...
so does Mozarella (Swiss and Farmer's Cheese do not fry well). When the milk-fat is cooked off, you're left with a golden brown, flavorful, crispy treat.  It occurred to me that I could build a reverse pizza on a Provolone or Mozarella base and it was definitely a winner. 
My calorie estimates for the crust plus toppings is 150 using an app on my smartphone to calculate, but I'm not a nutritionist, or mathematician, so don't hold me to that.  Instead, try it and see if you like it.

Start here:

2 slices Provolone or Mozzarella (mine was 1.75 ounces, about 140 calories)

Fry up the Provolone in a small skillet.  When it is golden brown around the edges and lifts easily off the surface, flip and slightly brown the second side.

Add: Nomato sauce (I like to use chili flavored)

Bundle your toppings with a little garlic powder and touch of salt (you don't need too much, the cheese is salty enough) and nuke them for a minute or use fresh

This is topped with spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts

 Be Inventlive!

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