Gluten-Free No-Dough Breakfast Pizza

When I first began going wheat/gluten/-free, I found myself trying to replace foods made with refined carbohydrates (like pasta, breads and crusts) but nothing compared to the tastes and textures I loved.  It takes awhile, but embracing new ways of eating replaces a sense of loss and limitation with expansive possibilities. It wasn't long before I was making my pizzas upside down and implementing my cheese-based crust for other purposes.

The secret here is making the cheese into the crust rather than using it as a topping.  The result was so satisfying I tried it again this morning as a breakfast pizza. 

Where to start?  Put the topping on the bottom.  Sliced mozzarella fries golden brown and makes a great bacon substitute as it stays crispy when cooled. It also makes a great small pizza crust.

Here's the order of events:

2 slices Mozarella or Provolone cheese (mine was 1.75 ounces, about 140 calories)

Fry up the cheese in a small skillet.  When it is golden brown around the edges and lifts easily off the surface, flip and slightly brown the second side.

Really?  Yep!  And it works great with this Notmato Sauce, or regular pizza sauce (if you can) and the toppings of your choice.  But that's not all.  Today I tried it as a breakfast pizza and the mix of salty left in the cheese after the milk fat fried off, and sweet toppings was scrumptious.

For Breakfast Pizza try:

1/8 cup whole grain organic brown rice
1 cup organic baby spinach leaves (goes great with fruit on pizza and in smoothies)
20 g (about a tablespoon) Greek Gods Honey Yogurt
Slivered organic Peach and Red Grapes

Microwave the spinach with a little salt and water in a safe container, squeeze excess juice into the rice which will absorb it and keep the nutrients in the meal. 

Spread the yogurt like pizza sauce on the fried provolone, cover with spinach, sprinkle with rice and fruit.  Enjoy!

Be Inventlive!